Anthropomorphic Fighting Animal Hack Preview 1


The new book is finished and will be out soon on DriveThruRpg!

Until then here is some Highlights:

60 pages of Explosive Animal Fighting Awesomeness!

You and your team of Evolved Animals use Martial Arts to fight crime and your Villain Rivals!

Made to emulate the feel of old Black and White comics, TV shows, and other media it is a complete game that was Made with the Black Hack rules!  Includes a lot of Options to make it Gritty or Cinematic.

  • 92 Animal Types
  • A system to quickly make any Martial Arts style and over a half a dozen examples
  • Complete rules system for differentiating weapons other than die type, and over 30 examples
  • 5 new classes
  • New combat options, including Manuevers
  • Encounters and tables for generating scenarios and organizations

Table Of Contents

Basic Rules                                3

Character Creation                   11

Class                                          12

Animal Types                           18

Animal Specific Examples      21

Fighting Styles                         28

Traits                                        29

Combat Details                        33

Gear                                           41

Encounters                                47

Example page of Animals:


I will be doing more previews, just let me know what parts you are interested in!

4 thoughts on “Anthropomorphic Fighting Animal Hack Preview 1

    1. Yup! It’s very easy to swap traits for the animals, giving you different abilities. In play test there was some different opinions on what traits certain animals had, so I wanted to make it known they are suggestions, and to customize as needed as long as the basic ratio of 2 positive for 1 negative quality is followed.


    1. No, not currently. I capped out at about 90+ animals (also had a limit of each animal category for rolling on charts), but I have been thinking i might release an expansion alter based off of what people want later if there are specific requests. As is it would be rather easy to build it choosing the traits that fit how you want to play the most (Like maybe an Ape at Big, Powerful, Angry or Monkey at Playful, Advantage on Climbing, Fragile, etc) keeping to the 2 to 1 positive trait to negative trait ratio.


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