This is a short blog post, but I wanted to update there may be more down the pipeline here. I had paused for various reasons when about 90% through the High Rule Hack, but for several reasons may be restarting this. I still haven’t decided whether to finish the other game – it primarily needs to be cleaned up and formatted, and specific rules for Bosses battles finished but is otherwise complete. I am not sure if the ask for a Solo Fantasy game that emulates adventure video games is the same Wild Breath of fresh air it was back in 2017 🙂 .

However, there are some new projects I am interested in doing, and another project based off of JRPGS in general I have been working on and playtesting over the past year, and I am leaning towards expanding and finishing it, so that is likely what you will see next. Whether to do just my own system or a slightly adapted version of another one wh has an OGL I have not decided, as certain parts of the system would work well that well. Leave me any feedback if you happen to see this, as I see this site still get’s traffic so I wanted to gauge interest here.

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