Next Project Preview: Extended Actions

The Next Project

The next Black Hack compatible Project is a Solo Campaign that emulates Video Game adventures.  The rough draft of this is finished, weighing in at roughly 120 pages, and it is going through revision, editing for my atrocious grammar, and playtesting now.  Due to the scope of the game I will be releasing a lot of previews on it showing some of the unique aspects to it as the revisions continue.

It was importing due to the Genre I was emulating that there was as many Puzzles and adventure challenges as there was Combat, so I made some new rules to cover this.  Below is a portion about Extended actions, and important part of the new game.

Extended Actions (EA)

Besides normal actions, there are Extended Actions that require you to make multiple successful rolls.  The price of an Extended Physical check is high, as failure automatically means you step down your ED (Endurance Die) and if you cannot, you are OoA unless other results are given.  The amount of Successful rolls is determined by the complexity of the type of action.  Different action types have different goals.  Below are the common ones and different encounters may have more.

Difficulty (label) Amount
Average 2
Intermediate 3
Advanced 4
Near Impossible 4 at disadvantage


Climbing, Swimming, Gliding, Powerful Attacks, Sneak Attacks, Escaping, and Stealth are the most common Extended Actions. It is possible for an Extended Action to test a mental attribute.  More details on these are under Encounters.

Next Preview will include information about Glyphs and Puzzles.

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