What’s Coming next?

Next on the docket is a Black Hack game that focuses on Solo play, and emulates a video game adventure feel rather well.  More will be forthcoming after the first draft is complete. This has been worked on for a long time, and was started well before The Anthropomorphic Fighting Animal Hack was done.  I will start releasing previews once in the revision stage, this looks like it wil clock it at round 100 or more pages and only has tables left.  It has been extensively  playtested with primarily the tables being finalized.

Once that is int he revision stage i will work on a small PWYW add on for The Anthropomorphic Hack with the largest requests I have received with more animals, a few more traits and some alternative rules. This will be small in scope and probably not have any art commissioned for it. and may even be out before my next release depending upon how long revisions for the Solo project take.

I will update next likely after revisions have started on the Solo project, which I hope to be in a week or two.

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